The Best Alternatives To Away Luggage For Carry-Ons And More

The Best Alternatives To Away Luggage For Carry-Ons And More | HuffPost Life

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Away has been taking off as one of the most talked-about luggage brands. But what are the other alternatives for quality luggage?

Between stuffing your suitcase, making sure your travel wallet actually has your passport and boarding pass in it, and finding a ride to the airport, there’s a lot to figure out before you even get on a flight.

The last thing you want to worry about is a wheel on your suitcase breaking or your luggage getting beaten up before you get to baggage claim. You need a suitcase that’ll last. But finding the right one for your travels and your budget isn’t as easy as planning an itinerary for you vacation.

Away has been taking off as one of the most talked-about luggage brands. It has even had some high-profile collaborations with celebrities like Serena Williams. One of our editors had to see what the hype was all about, and wrote an Away luggage review about how it holds up during travel.

But if Away’s style or prices aren’t for you, there are plenty of alternatives. From well-known brands like Paravel and Mark and Graham to finds from places like Nordstrom Rack, we found the best spots to shop for luggage.

Here’s where to get non-Away luggage and suitcases:


American Tourister

Arlo Skye

Arlo Skye says it has “travel pieces for the design-obsessed.” And you can tell — the brand’s luggage is super sleek. A big bonus: Each suitcase has a removable charger. They’re a little pricer, though. The cheapest suitcase is the Zipper Carry-On Max, which is $350. The most expensive? That’s the Frame Carry-On: Aluminum Edition, which goes for $550. You can get your suitcase engraved for $45, too.


One of our editors spotted so many influencers with CALPAK luggage on Instagram. And CALPAK’s suitcases definitely have an Insta-worthy aesthetic: There’s one in rose gold and another with a marble print. The brand even has an under-seat carry-on that’s $98. The luggage is pretty affordable, too, with carry-ons starting at $168.

Mark and Graham

ROAM Luggage

With ROAM, you can customize your suitcase by picking out the colors of the shell, wheels, handle and zipper. You also have the option of monogramming your luggage. There are four different sizes of suitcases, ranging from $495 to $595.


There are a lot of suitcases to pick from at Samsonite. Whether you want a sleek spinner or a carry-on that can fit under your set, you’ll probably be able to find the soft- or hard-side suitcase you’ve been waiting for. And there’s a big range in price, from a wheeled duffel that’s $50 to a flame orange set of two that’s $1,090.

T.J. Maxx

Maxxinistas rejoice! T.J. Maxx is filled with luggage from lots of designer brands, so you’ll know your suitcase is a good one despite not having had to majorly splurge. Currently, there’s an animal-printed CALPAK carry-on, a huge hard-side suitcase from Brics and a red Travelpro spinner. Lots of the luggage offered on the site is under $100 but a Brics spinner can go for more than $300.

West Elm

It’s true: West Elm carries luggage. There are not a ton of suitcases and carry-ons, but the travel section does fit into West Elm’s vibe — minimalist and uber chic. There’s a sheer suitcase that’s maybe not practical for a plane ride but could be fun for a weekend getaway. You could opt for cloud- or watercolor-printed luggage, too. Or, if you’re just looking for travel set, we spotted a rose gold one. The luggage can range from $159 to $587 for a set of three .

Nordstrom Rack

The place where you probably get all your discounted designer clothes is also a hidden gem for luggage. Yes, Nordstrom Rack has so many suitcases. And the luggage on the site is super affordable, too. The smallest carry-ons start at $50 and luggage sets go up to $300.

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