Caroline Bologna

Passport Wait Times Are Awful Right Now. Here’s What To

David Sucsy via Getty Images Backlogs and other factors have contributed to much longer wait times for getting or renewing a passport. As more countries open their borders to U.S. travelers, many people have planned trips abroad. While there is debate around the ethics of international travel right now, there’s also a logistical factor that […]Read More

The Mistakes People Make On Staycations

Lorado via Getty Images Staycations are an opportunity to take a restorative break that won’t break the bank. Travel is picking up again after a long pandemic lull, but for people with serious financial or health concerns, taking a trip may not be feasible at the moment. Enter the staycation. Staycations offer a restorative, affordable […]Read More

10 Travel Destinations Trending On TikTok

Tuul & Bruno Morandi via Getty Images The popularity of Paris as a destination extends to TikTok. The creative, funny and fascinating world of TikTok influences our cooking, dance moves, makeup choices and more. It also fuels our wanderlust. The luggage storage network Bounce analyzed the view counts for travel destination hashtags on TikTok to […]Read More

Even Nice Hotels Can Get Bed Bugs. Here’s How To

Ziga Plahutar via Getty Images Five-star hotel or roadside motel, bed bugs don’t discriminate. When staying at hotels these days, we’re used to the idea of taking measures to protect against COVID-19 and other potential infections. But there’s another hotel room threat worth staving off: bed bugs. “Bed bugs can be present in any hotel […]Read More