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How To Decide If 2 One-Ways Are Better Than A

Catherine Falls Commercial via Getty Images Torn between one-way and round-trip tickets? Here’s what to consider before you book your flight. When you book air travel, the airline offers many ways to filter your search results ― price limits, preferred times of day, nonstop flights versus flights with layovers, and of course, round-trip versus one-way. […]Read More

7 Mistakes People Make When Canceling A Trip

ozgurcankaya via Getty Images Many travel companies are being more flexible with trip cancellations due to the pandemic — just beware of these common missteps. With all the unforeseen ebbs and flows of the COVID-19 pandemic, travel plans are rarely set in stone these days. Having to cancel a trip is a much more common […]Read More

Is Now A Good Time To Book A Trip For

Westend61 via Getty Images Keep these tips in mind as you think about any potential 2022 travel. With the rapid spread of the omicron variant, COVID-19 is continuing to disrupt travel this winter. Whether you or a travel companion tested positive before a scheduled trip or you simply decided to postpone until the numbers become […]Read More

6 Useful Coping Tips If You Get A Panic Attack

Jaromir Chalabala / EyeEm via Getty Images Air travel might feel like no big deal to many people. But for others, the experience is particularly anxiety-inducing. In fact, these difficult feelings can at times be strong enough to lead to a panic attack. “Fear of flying can be considered a cross-section of different phobias,” said […]Read More

What To Do If You Get A COVID Breakthrough Infection

South_agency via Getty Images Are you prepared for a COVID infection while you’re traveling? Here’s what to know if it happens. As the highly contagious coronavirus omicron variant continues to spread, COVID-19 is derailing travel plans left and right. And it’s not just causing trip cancellations ― sometimes the disruption happens mid-trip. A Michigan schoolteacher […]Read More

Can You Fly With Wrapped Gifts?

Carol Yepes via Getty Images Fun fact: Snow globes count as a liquid. Although the omicron variant of the coronavirus has forced many people to alter their Christmas plans, holiday travel still appears to be in full swing. In the past four days alone, the Transportation Security Administration has screened more than 2 million passengers […]Read More

A Definitive Guide To Airplane Seat Etiquette

Johan Marengrd / EyeEm via Getty Images Flying soon? Keep these considerations in mind when it comes to your seat. Perhaps one of the biggest pains of air travel is the part where you have to sit for hours in a tight, cramped seat. Over the years, there have been debates about the ethics of […]Read More

8 Secrets About Flight Delays You Need To Know Before

PeopleImages via Getty Images Flight delays are inevitable, but they can be incredibly frustrating. If you don’t fly very often, you might think the situation is completely out of your hands, and you’ll wind up stewing in annoyance and uncertainty. But there are ways to reduce your risk of facing a flight delay or, at […]Read More

Here’s When You Should Eat Before A Flight

FG Trade via Getty Images Flying can also be tough on your digestive system, so it’s helpful to be mindful of eating and drinking on air travel days. With the holiday season upon us and vaccination rates climbing, it’s no secret more people are flying more lately. On Nov. 19, the Transportation Security Administration screened […]Read More

17 Underrated Travel Destinations In The U.S.

When people think of travel destinations in the United States, buzzy places like Miami, New York and Las Vegas often come to mind. But as many of us have learned, this vast country contains any number of incredible cities and towns worth exploring. Scenic hikes, cultural activities, historic sites and amazing food abound in many […]Read More